we understand that what we do matters – to our clients, to ourselves, to our profession and to our communities.

The built environment – our arena of service – touches everyone every day. People need shelter, places to work, places to play, places to learn and grow, ways to commute. The nature of architecture and engineering is to find creative solutions to problems – some mundane, some extraordinary.

We believe that responsiveness, flexibility, quality and creativity are attributes our clients expects and deserve, and we know that we can’t be successful unless our clients are successful. Our clients require technical expertise, engineering excellence, solutions to problems and ways to communicate our thoughts to those charged with constructing them. Wallace Engineering believes that our role in the profession and in people’s lives is to find a way to integrate what we need to do and find a creative way to do it. We also believe that we owe them a way to make the process fun, creative, flexible and timely while maintaining a high degree of quality.

We are committed to listening to our clients’ needs and expectations, and developing creative solutions and approaches that bring successful results every time. We want to be seen as an essential partner to our clients and one of the best engineering firms to work for by our employees. And we focus each day on trying to accomplish it.

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