West Park

West Park is a mixed-income housing development and neighborhood revitalization effort located in the Kendall-Whittier area. The project was funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the University of Tulsa, the City of Tulsa, and state low-income tax credits and outside financing secured by McCormack Baron Salazar, a national developer that specializes in revitalizing economically distressed urban areas.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation’s efforts in the neighborhood focus intensely on the birth-to-college-to-career pipeline, collectively called the Growing Together effort. GKFF believes that a safe, quality home environment is a significant factor in breaking the cycle of poverty for children and their families.

The master plan for revitalization to the area included the development of 7.5 acres which includes a mix of residential, office and recreational use. The West Park apartments include 128 mixed-income residential units of which 70 are market rate and 58 are income restricted, 20 student-housing units owned by The University of Tulsa and 7,000 square feet of office and management space. Renovations and improvements to the neighborhood park include new play areas, new trails and lighting, an enlarged splash pad, and a new West Plaza with a water feature and pavilions.

The success of these projects has spurred further development through construction of affordable, for‐sale, single family homes, $12 million of investment and 160 new jobs in the adjacent historic shopping district, and a planned 100‐unit second phase of the mixed‐income West Park apartments


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