Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice

The new Center replaced a 50-year old existing facility and became home to the Tulsa County Juvenile Court and support services provided by the Juvenile Bureau. Those services include, but are not limited too, the Sheriff’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, Drug Court, the Court Clerk’s Office and a probation office. The Juvenile Court includes six courtrooms; the existing Juvenile Court in the Juvenile Bureau building currently houses four courts, only one of which is large enough to hold jury trials.

Wallace provided structural and civil engineering services for the new two-story facility which features a 100,000 square foot courthouse and administrative building as well as a 47,000 square foot detention center with 63 beds and full-size gymnasium. The facility has been designed not to simply provide ample space for court proceedings, counseling services, detention, administrative work and law enforcement, but to ensure that the children and families entering those spaces feel safe and secure in a place where they can begin the healing process.

Photography: ©Ashley McKinney Photography


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